Our last news of 1st semester 2015


After a long period of successful work in Algeria and despite a number of events that have affected the industry, we maintained our activity in the country and even showed some progress in our business.


Indeed, Algeria is an important player in the oil and gas production industry. It is the fourth largest oil producer in Africa and the sixth largest gas producer in the world. We count on a more important development in the coming years and on increasing our activity in the technical assistance and the professional training areas.

Furthermore, the DRILNET Algerian branch is in the process of creation and we do expect this to have a positive impact on our activity.

To contact our representative in Africa, please use the following address: contact.drilnet@drilnet.com


In June 2013, an ATI, Companies Temporary Association agreement has been signed in Pescara, Italy, among DRILNET, WELLYNX and INIZIATIVE INDUSTRIALI, on behalf of an Italian Company contract, for the execution of a number of wells in Italy and abroad. The scope of work includes supervision and engineering of drilling and completions as well as the execution of civil works and logistics. The Italian client is ENEL, the main power generation company in Italy, which has created a gas storage drilling division.


A collaboration and representation agreement for training is in process of being signed between DRILNET and ACT, a Libyan training center. The training may, possibly, be delayed due to the instability problem within the Libyan territory but, being expected to take place in Malta, there is a chance that it will be started at the end of August.

DRILLMEC – good chances to work together on an e-learning program preparation for their engineering, sales and after sales personnel.

To contact our representative in Italy please use the following address: contact.drilnet@drilnet.com


In Romania new oil and gas reserves were recently discovered.


DRILNET is in touch with main players, end users and drilling contractors to provide very specialized training to their staff. Discussions are undergoing with ROMPETROL and ROMANIAN DRILLING SUBCONTRACTORS MEMBERS.

DRILNET is delivering the training courses for PETROM supervisors and is looking for extending this relationship to the providing of technical assistance services.

On the other hand, we identified local training and technical assistance providers with whom we cooperate for foreign markets.

To contact our representative in Romani, please use the following address: contact.drilnet@drilnet.com


With the aim to support and ensure the sustainable development of our clients and partners in Russia, DRILNET opened its Russian Branch in 2009. Our company development in Russia was supported by the French Ministry of Higher Education and Research, within the scope of Industrial Agreements for Training through Research (CIFRE). We have certified since this date more than 300 drilling engineers in Russia, which is the result of fruitful collaboration between European experts and Russian oil & gas universities specialists. The dedicated training material and case-studies on well engineering, well supervision and well completion were developed to enhance the effectiveness of our training courses. Some of these courses have been edited and admitted as a textbook for students of “Oil and Gas Business” Master degree by Educational Methodical Association of Universities of the Russian Federation, such as the course “Well-killing and Completion Fluids” (2013).


A fully customized 3D-simulator of Central Production Facility was created in partnership with IT specialists over the six last months and is now fully commercialized. Thanks to the local partnerships, DRILNET can also provide legal consulting services in HR management projects, as we did for one of the world’s largest natural gas fields in the Barents Sea. Our Russian management team actively participates in annual forums, conferences and exhibitions dedicated to the energy sector in Russia and Kazakhstan.

DRILNET Russian Branch has started rolling out a project for the MBA programs in the partnership with Moscow Business School. Practical experience of DRILNET experts brings the latest tips of petroleum project management.

Through the Russian Branch, DRILNET provides the modern drilling and production gear and techniques such as coil-tubing, hydraulic fracturing and quality control, well killing, downhole works that are essential to develop Arctic and shale reserves within the scope of the latest project of DRILNET client – Russia’s leading extraction and refinement company.

To contact our representative in Russia, please use the following address: contact.drilnet@drilnet.com


The latest session of the Basic Drilling training course took place in November 2014 in Pau (France). Ten trainees participated in and successfully completed the session. According to their feedback, the course improves their knowledge of the oil environment and helps them to get the position of roughneck.



This training (4 days of theoretical lessons in classroom and 1 day of practice on the rig site) is designed for beginners.

The course offers a technical and practical approach of the oil environment and covers the following topics : Various techniques of  drilling , Rig team organisation, Safety on drilling rig, Type of drilling rigs, Drilling string, Rotary equipments, Drilling bits, Drilling fluids, Casing & Cementing, Well head equipments, Blow Out Preventer equipments & accessories, Pumping equipments, Mud circuit & equipments.

Since 2004, almost 200 trainees have participated in this course. Even though, most of them were employed on French rig sites, part of them are working now for international companies abroad.

For further information regarding this training, please contact us at: contact.drilnet@drilnet.com




DRILNET proposes legal and business development services to support your international expansion. Legal assistance: solid advice in fiscal, commercial, social, business, industrial, environment, HSE legislation, and particularly, through our Italian partner, the law firm STUDIO LEGALE DI TONNO, in the matter of: mainland/offshore mining research and cultivation of fields, farm out agreements, environmental impact assessment, legal proceedings related to environmental impact in mining activities, safety in mining. Business development support: feasibility studies, concession applications, exclusive research and exploitation clearances. Complementary services: recruitment and HR management, technical assistance, project management, research & development, logistics, Import/Export, communication, training. For further information about IES services, please contact us at contact.drilnet@drilnet.com


Through our partners, experts in security field, we assist our clients in managing risks in their international activities.

Our security teams are mainly formed by members of elite corps of French and European armed forces.

To secure your international operations we propose a global solution: from needs audit through the technological options definition to the setting up of the device and the training of personnel.

Combining human performance and advanced technology we offer to our clients a range of services:

  • Protection of property and individuals
  • Security engineering
  • Electronic surveillance

For further information about security services, please contact us at contact.drilnet@drilnet.com


To train your employees in the most optimal way choose a fast and efficient option: e-Learning. Our newest technologies of web based training offer:

E-TRAINING – The most economical and convenient way to train your remote and incoming employees.

E-ASSESSMENT – The amazing break-through solution enabling trainers to schedule, deliver and report on surveys, quizzes, tests and exams.

We develop and deliver any kind of online tests through our e-learning platform.

E-DOCUMENTS – The classroom courses learning material (ppt, pdf, docs, videos, tests) integrated and made available through the e-learning platform to protect it from amending and stealing.

E-COACHING – The turnkey solution supporting the performance and development needs of staff members wherever they are and whenever they have them.

The instructor-led training Introduction to Petroleum Industry (IPI), that we currently deliver, represents an example of online course that can be offered by means of the LMS. It is designed for a wide range of personnel working with or within the petroleum industry, to allow them to discover the oil environment.

For further information about e-learning services, please contact us at contact.drilnet@drilnet.com


PLANET PETROLEUM blended learning offers a general knowledge and understanding of the petroleum industry processes to:

  • Job applicants: it validates their global understanding of the oil & gas industry
  • Newcomers: it makes easier their job integration
  • Current employees: it improves their understanding of the oil & gas environment

Having as a final goal the participants’ productivity increase.


PLANET PETROLEUM represents 4-days course including the following elements:

– Entry test which assesses preliminary knowledge of participants.

– Classroom theoretic course allowing face-to-face contact with the instructor and other students and encouraging the experience sharing.

Encyclopedia which represents the training material (over 400 interactive pages) for the classroom course.

– Serious Game simulating the practical process of management of oil company. The evolution of its value will reflect the assimilation of knowledge and principles of the E&P chain.

The participants’ achievements are tracked automatically by the program, which records all intermediary and final results. The instructor analyses individual and group performances and submits the training report to the client.

The attendees receive the certificate of completion with the final competition scores.

PLANET PETROLEUM blended learning can be delivered in DRILNET equipped classrooms or in client premises – according to the requirements.

For further information about blended learning, please contact us at Bernard.Raphael@drilnet.com