Security Services

Protection of Property and Individuals, Security Engineering, Electronic Surveillance


Through our partners, experts in security field, we assist our clients in managing risks in their international activities.

Our security teams are mainly formed by members of elite corps of French and European armed forces.

To secure your international operations we propose a global solution: from needs audit through the technological options definition to the setting up of the device and the training of personnel.

Combining human performance and advanced technology we offer to our clients a wide range of services.

Protection of Property and Individuals

Anticipation of hazards and reactivity of response

  • Secured logistics, convoys, boats
  • Protection of life bases, mining sites, petrochemical production sites
  • Anti-kidnapping program
  • Airports, ports, industrial areas, offices
  • VIP, conferences, meetings
  • Advice, audits, recommendations
  • Security training

Security Engineering

New techniques against terrorist threats

  • Increased protection (buildings and structures) against attacks
  • Installations of anti-blast walls (Hesco bastion walls type) creation of checkpoints
  • Construction of anti-kidnapping panic room (houses, boats, life bases, industrial sites)

Electronic Surveillance (video/remote monitoring:  internet, switched networks, radio and/or optical fiber)

Risk detection optimization

  • IP or analog video surveillance
  • Access control
  • Wired intrusion system and/or radio
  • Fire detection
  • Intercom systems
  • Infrared protection barriers
  • Biometric reader
  • Situation analysis
  • Site audit
  • Needs analysis
  • Technological options definition